Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello peeps,.........OK i have been AWOL, don't crucify me. I will definitely update you on events that have taken place since i last blogged. My supervisor is ok now. One odd thing about his stay at the hospital was that none of his family members showed up throughout the duration; this was really surprising because the man spent a whole week there. Well, it aint my business really but i couldn't help but wonder why no one checked on him: no wife, no kids, no one!!!He is back at work now anyway, so all is well hopefully.........Adia is dating my client o, am amazed at the pace their affair is going, i will just sit it out and let them have fun. while discussing him(my client)with Adia, my ears where filled with......ahhh, you cant just imagine anyway they are both having fun. He approved my MOP and the job went smoothly , apart from the official payment i also received a gift package from him as recognition of a job well done. The gala night of the PR event saw him and Adia clinging together like two lost souls, well that was quite surprising , because i was expecting;well...his wife na! later on Adia told me that his wife resides abroad. He looked dapper in an obviously expensive designer suit while Adia wore a sequined dress that made her look really hot. Everybody who was anybody was at the event. Enough paparazzi.........My neighbor has fully recovered, though she still retains her haggard look. I haven't seen her for some weeks anyway because i have been returning from work late for a while now.Now i have got to go back to work. Catch ya laterTam xoxo

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