Friday, March 30, 2012

........I seem to be getting used to lonely weekends,though I tried to reach Adia severally to no avail. Sunday evening tired of being on my own ( na who I been dey deceive by the first sentence sef) I went to Claudes. Soon as I walked into the VIP section I spied someone waving at me from afar, it was my new client.

We sat down to discuss business and I gave him a brief analysis of how I intended to sell him to the public, he was quite pleased. Even when I dropped hints about the amount of money involved he didn't bat an eyelid. I love it when I can work with limitless budget,afterwards we had dinner. At that point I took time to really study him, he as kinda swerve,well mannered and good looking too.

While checking him out my phone beeps,it was Adia she claimed to be in front of Claudes place and noticed my car. So I told her am at the VIP. Well of course she immediately breezed in smelling as if she bathed in bottles of expensive perfume. I introduced her to my client and he asked her to join us for dinner which she did.

At this point onwards discussion with my client became irrelevant because he couldn't concentrate considering the fact that his full attention was on Ada's cleavage. Kai Men!

.......Before dinner was over he was already hitting on her big time.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

...........New week. Hoping for the best. At about 10am my supervisor walks into my office with a lady in tow, he Introduces her as a new staff in my department. I paste a semi genuine smile on my face and welcomed her. Told to put her through a couple of routine during lunch break. Ok o.
At lunch time I went over to the new lady's cubicle to invite her to lunch so that I could brief her on her work scope. By the way she says her name is Chinelo. At the cafeteria I ordered for pounded yam and vegetable soup while Chi ( that's what am gonna call her o,abeg) ordered for fried rice. So we got talking and she told me she schooled in Abraka and recently got married. She said her husband is a business man who imported different exotic goods and also sold cars. After listening to her ramblings for about twenty minutes I felt it safe for me to conclude that she seemed to be proud of her husband more than herself. I stylishly stirred the conversation back to work and gave her a short breakdown of what her duties should be.  She insisted on paying for both our meals.  We then Walked back to the office in silence. was ok for the rest of the day. I sent Adia a message. By the time I reached the car park after closing hours I was already quite fagged out. Chi meets up with me before I get to my car and she offered me a ride, hey! Is this girl nuts or something. I became pissed off and I promptly told her that I did not need a ride as I would be going home in my own car. I walked off before she could reply. I angrily drove out of the parking lot with my tires screeching. My anger only began to subside when I started nodding to the music on the car stereo. Mscheeeeew give me a ride indeed.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

.............Hallelujah o !   I finally saw Stella today,she and her siblings are fine so far so good. Her mother is also back from the hospital. Though as at the time of my discussion with Stella her mother was on the way to the market,I just couldn't believe it, ha! She's barely out of the hospital and already she is off to the market. It amazes me how the woman gets the strength to do all that she does. The least I expect is for her to be resting for the next few days. I don't think this woman loves her life o.
Anyway I hope there will be mo more brouhaha from their quarters.
..........later in the evening I saw mama Stella coming into the compound she looked very tired,we exchanged greetings and I enquired about her health. She told me that she still felt some pains that was why she went to the market to buy roots so she could prepare agbo ( herbal concoction) for herself.  OMG I just couldn't believe this woman. Chei. Short of words I simply wished her good health and walked off.

Monday, March 5, 2012

........Ping,ping,ping,ping.  Wetin sef? I grabbed the phone, it was Adia. She wanted to have my address so she could come over to my place, I sent it to her and got out of bed. Since I was expecting her I decided to cook rice and vegetable soup.
My dear friend arrived by 11am,she sure looked good. After hugging each other like long lost souls we started talking excitedly at the same time.
........while eating she told me lots of stuff about her stay in Abuja, bottom line was it wasn't all rosy like I thought. She told me of her current lover, a senator, mmmmmh Adia never change at all o! 

Friday, March 2, 2012


..........Thank God it's Friday. I can't wait to let loose this weekend o. Adia confirmed that she is now in town so definately it's gonna be a good weekend.  At the office my Oga was grouchy as usual, sometimes I feel the man has private issues that affects his work,he looked as if he hadn't slept for days. Anyway he should just leave me today o, I don't want any stress at all, after all no be me cause world war two. 
I hope that I can remember to check on Stella and her siblings today when I get home since I haven't heard from her, their quarters seems to be too quiet lately. Hope no wahala sha. I no fit shout o. 

..........By 2pm I noticed tnat I had begun to sweat profusely, it was odd that the office generator was off. I asked a colleague and was told that the generator packed up and they were trying to fix it, suffice to say that my shirt was beginning to stick to my body. Shuo, wetin be this! Quickly I went to my Oga"s office and requested permission to go and check out the new events place just opened on the Island so I could have the information stored in our office file.   He approved and I ran out ( na till Monday be that, who go die inside heat, abeg!?) 
By Monday am sure the generator would have been fixed, so off I went o the events place, it wasn't bad at all, quite spacious with lots of parking space, I mentally penciled it down as a venue for a press conference for my new client. It will also be useful when we have large crowd events at the office. 6pm am heading home,am beginning to think it's a bad idea not to have a boyfriend o, abi wetin be this, no weekend groove. Ha! I think i Need a man .........