Sunday, March 11, 2012

...........New week. Hoping for the best. At about 10am my supervisor walks into my office with a lady in tow, he Introduces her as a new staff in my department. I paste a semi genuine smile on my face and welcomed her. Told to put her through a couple of routine during lunch break. Ok o.
At lunch time I went over to the new lady's cubicle to invite her to lunch so that I could brief her on her work scope. By the way she says her name is Chinelo. At the cafeteria I ordered for pounded yam and vegetable soup while Chi ( that's what am gonna call her o,abeg) ordered for fried rice. So we got talking and she told me she schooled in Abraka and recently got married. She said her husband is a business man who imported different exotic goods and also sold cars. After listening to her ramblings for about twenty minutes I felt it safe for me to conclude that she seemed to be proud of her husband more than herself. I stylishly stirred the conversation back to work and gave her a short breakdown of what her duties should be.  She insisted on paying for both our meals.  We then Walked back to the office in silence. was ok for the rest of the day. I sent Adia a message. By the time I reached the car park after closing hours I was already quite fagged out. Chi meets up with me before I get to my car and she offered me a ride, hey! Is this girl nuts or something. I became pissed off and I promptly told her that I did not need a ride as I would be going home in my own car. I walked off before she could reply. I angrily drove out of the parking lot with my tires screeching. My anger only began to subside when I started nodding to the music on the car stereo. Mscheeeeew give me a ride indeed.


  1. Okay... But I don't get why you're so upset at the newbie.

    Care to elaborate?

    1. Because she assumed that I didn't have a means of transportation.

  2. na over sabi dey worry her, lol. All the same take it easy, shes probably trying to be nice shey?

  3. @prissy, That's what i thought as well but maybe this is a female thing and i'm missing something.

    Tam easy take it easy on her sha. She might be tryin to make a friends here. *wink*

  4. take it easy dear.... have fun!
    Lovely blog :)

  5. I think she was just trying to be nice..trying to make friends with you or something. When I am nervous, I sometimes say things "wrongly".
    #just saying