Friday, March 30, 2012

........I seem to be getting used to lonely weekends,though I tried to reach Adia severally to no avail. Sunday evening tired of being on my own ( na who I been dey deceive by the first sentence sef) I went to Claudes. Soon as I walked into the VIP section I spied someone waving at me from afar, it was my new client.

We sat down to discuss business and I gave him a brief analysis of how I intended to sell him to the public, he was quite pleased. Even when I dropped hints about the amount of money involved he didn't bat an eyelid. I love it when I can work with limitless budget,afterwards we had dinner. At that point I took time to really study him, he as kinda swerve,well mannered and good looking too.

While checking him out my phone beeps,it was Adia she claimed to be in front of Claudes place and noticed my car. So I told her am at the VIP. Well of course she immediately breezed in smelling as if she bathed in bottles of expensive perfume. I introduced her to my client and he asked her to join us for dinner which she did.

At this point onwards discussion with my client became irrelevant because he couldn't concentrate considering the fact that his full attention was on Ada's cleavage. Kai Men!

.......Before dinner was over he was already hitting on her big time.


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