Thursday, March 8, 2012

.............Hallelujah o !   I finally saw Stella today,she and her siblings are fine so far so good. Her mother is also back from the hospital. Though as at the time of my discussion with Stella her mother was on the way to the market,I just couldn't believe it, ha! She's barely out of the hospital and already she is off to the market. It amazes me how the woman gets the strength to do all that she does. The least I expect is for her to be resting for the next few days. I don't think this woman loves her life o.
Anyway I hope there will be mo more brouhaha from their quarters.
..........later in the evening I saw mama Stella coming into the compound she looked very tired,we exchanged greetings and I enquired about her health. She told me that she still felt some pains that was why she went to the market to buy roots so she could prepare agbo ( herbal concoction) for herself.  OMG I just couldn't believe this woman. Chei. Short of words I simply wished her good health and walked off.

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