Monday, March 5, 2012

........Ping,ping,ping,ping.  Wetin sef? I grabbed the phone, it was Adia. She wanted to have my address so she could come over to my place, I sent it to her and got out of bed. Since I was expecting her I decided to cook rice and vegetable soup.
My dear friend arrived by 11am,she sure looked good. After hugging each other like long lost souls we started talking excitedly at the same time.
........while eating she told me lots of stuff about her stay in Abuja, bottom line was it wasn't all rosy like I thought. She told me of her current lover, a senator, mmmmmh Adia never change at all o! 


  1. :)
    thanks for stopping over at mine, im going through your blog now

  2. Where's the rest of the story? Please check out my blog and let me know what you think. I'm new to this blogging thingy.

  3. @Eddie, been to Yours no posts yet.

  4. Actually there are. You might want to check again. Cheers!

    Meanwhile, don't dull o! I need more stories from you and i'm currently following your blog.