Monday, January 16, 2012

This is Tam's world


   Mmmmmh ! back to work again, I wish the weekend could go on forever. Though it was hectic I had fun both with the dinner organized by the embassy and meeting Adia again after so many years, she really has changed. So tey she don yellow pass before.

......It was really a pleasant surprise to see her, am hoping that I would see more of her as she promised since she will be moving back to Lagos this month. I sure need a change from my other crazy friends. Friends like Biola who is now a pain in the …...On account of her constant whinning about her yeye boyfriend.

 Lord have mercy! Must there be traffic in lagos all the time, I really mustn’t be late today because I have to put finishing touches to my assignment and submit to my oga. Even though he is accommodating I really shouldn’t take him for granted.

…… Hectic day. Adia called me and we jisted for so long. We will have dinner on Wednesday then she will down load Abuja jist for me. So tired I need a warm bath badly. I guess the excitement of last night’s party hasn’t worn off.


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