Monday, January 16, 2012


Work up late, soooo late. I dashed into the bathroom and am sure that I wasn’t clean after my bath because I really rushed it, then voom I rushed into the car and speed down to the office, lucky me; I got to work early. Finished my assignment and felt so good about it that I mentally gave myself a pat on the back because I know that I did a splendid job even if I say so, myself.

………I purposely avoided Biola today during lunch, I knew she would be at the neighborhood café because I saw staff from her office around the corner when I stepped out on to the corner street so I quickly stepped back into the office, I really didn’t want to listen to her whining today or any day for that matter.

………When she tells me that her boyfriend is irresponsible and I agree, she immediately becomes angry at me saying that I don’t like him because he is short thereby making me prejudiced and she goes on to tell me how much she loves him bla,bla,bla…in fact the matter tire me sef.

Come to think of it the guy is truly short and he looks like a refined monkey, seriously you need to see him in suit…mmh, okoro feeling funky. The last time I saw the dude he was actually wearing a hideous looking purple suit with pointed Aladin shoes that looked too big for his feet. I also though I caught a glimpse of yellow streaks in his teeth. Abeg make I leave that matter for now jo.

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