Sunday, February 5, 2012

.........Thank God ,the week is almost over , can’t wait for the weekend. Adia didn’t show up for our date, she had to go to Abuja on an errand, so we are seeing later today. Mmmmmmh, jist go boku.

My oga dey vex today say the office work schedule dey favour me, shuo; na my fault?   I was just lucky that I didn’t have to come to work tomorrow, with the way he is going about it he may try to change it but I trust myself at the clock of closing time I would bolt right out of the office and zoom off.

...........4pm: I was sneaking out of the office when I heard my my oga screaming my name, quickly I got into the car and started the ignition, before I could move the car one of my colleagues ran to me shouting that oga wanted me to wait… for where I do like say I no hear na so I wind up, face front, zoom of sharp, sharp.

I headed to Saipan, for dinner with Adia. She came in looking fabulous in a white ensemble, we ordered drinks and jisted the night away it’s really good hanging out with my dear old friend again, thank God she is back in Lagos for good.

Got home 9.30 pm and crawled straight into bed.

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