Sunday, February 19, 2012

........Got home pretty Late last night. Dinner at Claudes with the new client he set me up with was great. After talking with him I decided I was gonna do the job,I sure need the money. Besides one day am gonna set myself up In Business and I need to start building clientele now.  basically all I have to do is to get him some publicity in preparation for his stint in politics. He seems to have limitless budget so I will definitely go all the way with this job. I bet am gonna have fun doing it too.
In my mind I prayed for Claude,he has always been a good friend. Work today was pretty slow,but peaceful though because my supervisor was out of the office for most of the day. After lunch I sent Claude a box of chocolates through the cleaner at the office, just my little way of saying thank you to him.
Soon as it was closing time I ran off before someone invents something new for me to do that will keep me in the office till night fall.
.........for the first time in three weeks I got home not feeling so tired. 

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