Sunday, February 5, 2012

.........  weekend at last . Biola was the first to call me and I purposely did not pick up because I wasn’t in the mood to speak to her.

.........My neighbors’ are at it again, they no dey tire to fight. I wonder what the problem is this time, the last time it was the husband who got drunk and presumed his wife was a punching bag, mind you she is presently carrying their fifth child and they live in the boysquaters. So this morning they start their usual yelling and curses began to rain in full torrent.

..........While eating a breakfast of oat meal, I heard shrill screams and I just had to take a sneak peak , I saw the gateman running towards the back quarters  and I had to call him to ask questions but what did I hear , lo and behold the pregnant woman had fainted after being punched into a pulp. I was so shocked.

...........My phone rang and some crazy guy was on the line telling me that he got my number from Claude (my restaurant owner friend). Mhhh and all he had to say was that he wanted me to do some PR stuff for him, so I scheduled lunch for Sunday so that I could get a proper perspective on what he wanted. Then soon as he cut the line I called Claude for the lowdown, I was assured that the guy was into legitimate business and he wanted to go into politics so basically he wanted someone who could launder his image and provide some sort of acceptable social gallery to fit his profile.

...........Later in the evening I overheard my neighbors’ whispering about the fight that occurred in the morning, the woman had a miscarriage and is still in the hospital.

I slept like a baby.


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  2. Hmmmmmm, is this fiction or real life as pa your neighbors. I feel sorry for the woman that lost her baby. But can't they practice family planning ehnnn. Fifth child and living in a BQ. smh @ them. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you right back.