Thursday, February 9, 2012


................ I woke up feeling so grouchy,didn't sleep well. It seemed that there was lots of comings and goings within my compound or was I just dreaming. Made coffee and took a scalding sip, Yeepa! My tongue.  Am about to settle down to a nice breakfast of toast and eggs when I hear someone whimpering by my window. Hunger no gree me check wetin dey so I ignored the sound and had my meal. While heading to church I saw one of my neighbors children crouched by the gate with her eyes as red as coal. Stella,what is the problem I asked. When I heard her reply I wished I hadn't asked her in the first place. Her father haven heard of his wife's condition from the other neighbors who had rush her to the hospital presumably decided to console himself with more local gin,he therefore drank himself to stupor and fell into the gutter beside the house,so late at night he limped in smelling of alcohol and every other vile thing you can think of. His children who hadn't eaten all day of course went to bed hungry.
I told Stella to check me after church so I could give her whatever I could spare in terms of food. I felt truly sorry for the girl.

.........Church was fun today ,we had a visiting pastor from another branch, his sermon was quite interesting as he laced it with his local language which am sure no one understood,he also had a song for every point he made whether relevant or not.
In the evening Stella came over and I gave her some rice ,sardine,a bunch of plantain and some money.

.........Saw a couple of missed calls from Claude, will call him tomorrow abeg. I wan sleep .  


  1. Your compound sure has drama. Have a nice weekend.