Saturday, February 18, 2012


...........Got to work quite early and quickly I returned Claudes call. He wanted to notify me of his friends trip which should have cancelled our date, but truth be told ,I had totally forgotten about it. So the new arrangement is to meet at Claudes joint after work today .
I then faced my work for the day. I had gone  a long way in clearing the workload on my table by lunch time, so I decided to head out for a little snack. Unfortunately for me I ran  into Biola, the first thing I noticed was the foundation on her face,it was about an inch thick,the entire makeup seemed to have set into a ferocious mask. She had this green shimmery eye shadow which made me think of the Green Lantern character in the comics that I used to read in primary school. Even her green shirt was a shade too bright,anyway sha, wetin concern me.
After pleasantries were exchanged I asked about her boyfriend out of courtesy and almost bit my tongue in regret as she promptly delved into the jist of their night together. I almost gagged on my potato chips when she got to the part of her jist about their lovemaking ( believe me,I did not want to hear it). She went ahead to tell me how he pumped into her for an hour non stop. Na wa o. No change of style,no foreplay,nothing but ferocious pumping the missionary way........yawn! Am bored already.  According to her the guy is a stud who does it like a steam engine, according to me he is a prick who lacks style in the sexual department,mscheeew! 
........anyway I endured the rest of my lunch and went back to my office.


  1. LOL @ your friend's gist...

    Na wa sha

    1. @fluffycutething, yes o,na wa.
      Thanks 4 popping in.