Friday, March 2, 2012


..........Thank God it's Friday. I can't wait to let loose this weekend o. Adia confirmed that she is now in town so definately it's gonna be a good weekend.  At the office my Oga was grouchy as usual, sometimes I feel the man has private issues that affects his work,he looked as if he hadn't slept for days. Anyway he should just leave me today o, I don't want any stress at all, after all no be me cause world war two. 
I hope that I can remember to check on Stella and her siblings today when I get home since I haven't heard from her, their quarters seems to be too quiet lately. Hope no wahala sha. I no fit shout o. 

..........By 2pm I noticed tnat I had begun to sweat profusely, it was odd that the office generator was off. I asked a colleague and was told that the generator packed up and they were trying to fix it, suffice to say that my shirt was beginning to stick to my body. Shuo, wetin be this! Quickly I went to my Oga"s office and requested permission to go and check out the new events place just opened on the Island so I could have the information stored in our office file.   He approved and I ran out ( na till Monday be that, who go die inside heat, abeg!?) 
By Monday am sure the generator would have been fixed, so off I went o the events place, it wasn't bad at all, quite spacious with lots of parking space, I mentally penciled it down as a venue for a press conference for my new client. It will also be useful when we have large crowd events at the office. 6pm am heading home,am beginning to think it's a bad idea not to have a boyfriend o, abi wetin be this, no weekend groove. Ha! I think i Need a man .........


  1. LOL @ you think you need a man? Fine babe like you wan tell me say you no get
    Following your blog right now and i look forward being part of it.. Have fun and have a great week..

  2. Nice! So, what's stopping you from getting a man? How you are not one of those ladies that love playing hard to get like govt work? Lol